Le Miél Café et Pâtisserie
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Le Miél Café et Pâtisserie


20 Reviews



₱ 250 / Person

Greenfield District

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Le Miél Café et Pâtisserie Reviews


20 Reviews

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  • Jean Mea Bautista


    This restaurant was a pleasant surprise for me as we were exploring the Greenfield area. Prices are not bad considering the quality of their cakes. My only concern though is that there are not enough seats. Go try this place. You will not regret it!

  • Zarishia Artus Maini


    Last stop for our #KapitolyoFoodCrawl is Le Miel.  My friend was raving about their caramel cheesecake.  Unfortunately,  I've  had too much sugar that day,  eating cheesecake might cause sugar shock.The gang ordered Bingsu,  coffee and cheesecake while i worked on my Kissako review.  First the cheesecake isn't as pretty as the others I've seen.  Jairus said i should try it "Mataas ang bwiset factor,  Dai!  (Bwiset means the exact opposite in our book,  it means it is soo friggin good).  After hitting submit,  i took a small bite. Drumroll please....Bwiset nga! You would assume that it is reeking of sweetness...Na-ah! It is the perfect marriage of cheese and caramel.  The owner approached us and explained how they make the cheesecake.  They add caramel to the cream cheese mixture for a subtle hint of sweetness and caramel flavor.  And the bottom portion (dunno what it's called)  is home-made.  I find myself nodding while he was explaining.  Now,  i understand why the cheesecake is different from the others I've tried.  And yes,  five brownie points for him,  i dig it when thr owners interact with the customers.  It makes the dining experience memorable.  Yes,  i am coming back for their Strawberry Shortcake.

  • Eneng Afrianti


    Le miel... I had very hgh expectations for this little café. Ive always wanted to try their cheesecake because ive been reading a lot of good reviews online... I tried the caramel cheesecake and it was good but what really made me feel disappointed was the matcha latte that i had, it tasted like full cream milk and i cannot even taste a hint of the matcha's earthiness... The servers were very polite and accomodating. The ambiance of the store is also good...

  • Bryan Tanael


    Good enough for a sweet fix. Price is just right. I like its flavors specially the matcha. I just hope they can change their glass with a wider lid so it will be easier to dig in to it.

  • Luciana Rizky


    Good place for desserts and coffee.Iced Caramel Macchiato is very good. There's enough coffee to hit the spot and lots of lovely caramel syrup.Gateau Chocolate Fudge looks small but packs a punch. Best flourless cake I've had. Oreo Cheesecake is pretty good too.

  • Alesshinta Gestira


    Urged the group to check Le Miel before parting ways. The picture shows their very berry bingsu which was ordered by Clarissa P. I was surprised when I saw the huge measurement glass full of shaved ice, milk, cornflakes and berries topped with strawberry ice cream! It looked appetizing but I decided to pass. I was contented with my caramel cheesecake. I loved it more during my first visit but I still enjoyed the texture and taste. I guess I have to go at Le Miel again to find out if I will still enjoy it.I also got myself a hot cup of tea to soothe my tummy from all the food I've eaten that day.One of the owners (John) had a small talk with us and he was very enthusiastic explaining how they bake their cakes and stuff. He even gave us free meringues if I'm not mistaken.I think owners should always find time interacting with their customers. It's one of those things that will make us come back and patronize the establishment. So kudos to you John!

  • Neldy Fajar


    Our group decided to transfer to another place for dessert. We walked around the area and noticed this place. We all have not been to this outlet before so we decided to give it a try. There was a confusion on what to order since we wanted to try so many items. At the end, we settled for a drink each, a slice of carrot cake and a bingsu (Korean halo-halo) to share. I had oreo frappe which was nice for the warm day. I liked that they did not cut back on oreos which was the dominant taste. Others had double chocolat frappe, triple berry smoothie or hot coffee. Everyone was satisfied with what they ordered. The carrot cake was not a hit with the group. I haven't tried it but it looked a bit dry. Barely half of the cake was eaten. The bingsu was a different story though. Everyone loved it, down to the last drop. We had the berry berry bingsu as recommended by the staff. It was absolutely wonderful. The play of texture was excellent with the creamy ice cream, the crispy corn flakes and the flesh fruit cuts. The flavour was equally amazing with the berry-vanilla-sweetened milk mix.Service was good. There was only one staff plus the manager or owner who were there when we got in. The staff was really good - friendly and engaging. The manager/owner did not interact with our group at all. That would have been a nice touch, however the staff more than made up for it.

  • Pauline San Jose


    It's my first time trying and i loved it here. The cakes are yummy and very colorful that indulge you to try all. Coffees are usual but with great presentation. You should try it here, too. 😋

  • Nihat öz


    I keep coming back to this place because of their coffee. They have one of the best Iced Caramel Macchiato for a very reasonable price. I will try their cakes next time I visit.

  • Kristine Sevilla


    After having ramen next door, we decided to try the desserts here. They had huge pictures of their rainbow mille crepe, and as a mille crepe fanatic, I just had to have some.Getting inside, their tasty-looking cakes immediately caught our eyes. We tried their strawberry shortcake, matcha cheesecake frappe and of course, the rainbow mille crepe. The strawberry shortcake was very good. Light and just right. The strawberries' slightly sour taste balancing with the sweetness of the cake.The matcha cheesecake frappe was a thumbs up as well, although the size is a bit small considering its price.The rainbow mille crepe was the most unforgettable. Having mille crepe at other places before, we were used to eating it just like any other cake, slicing down with a fork. But their mille crepe was supposed to be eaten layer by layer, as explained by their servers, to individually taste the different flavors of each color. At first we thought it was just food coloring but each color was actually a different flavor. We were even challenged by the staff to guess all 5 flavors.Ambience was cozy, staff were nice and attentive, cakes and drinks were excellent. Will definitely come back to try other cakes and pastries. And yes, we got all flavors correct. Try it and guess for yourself as well.

Le Miél Café et Pâtisserie Location

Le Miél Café et Pâtisserie is located at The Hub, Greenfield District, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City. This is a Cafe restaurant near the Greenfield District. This restaurant is very popular and has a good reputation. Many food bloggers also visit this restaurant to make mukbang.

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